Summer vacations in Carpathians

What is a summer vacation in Carpathians? It’s walking around, horseriding, hiking to reach the mountain peaks, attending interesting excursions...

What is more, it is an unique healthful mountain air as well as the healing properties of the local mineral springs.

Lovers of an active recreation in Carpathians prefer hiking in the mountains. After visiting the most remote and mysterous corners of the mountains, they receive many unforgettable impressions.

If You have enough time You definitely shouldn’t miss the opportunity to meet the rich culture, history and ethnography of our lands.

The chair ski lifts on the mountains Trostyan, Pohar and Vysoky Verkh work even in summer. They provide a great opportunity to go up the mountain, taste the Carpathian tea, enjoy the local tinctures, taste the barbecue while admiring the breathtaking views around!