Rest in the Carpathians in winter 2018-2019

Hotel "Perlyna Karpat" invites you to winter vacations in Slavske

Where is the Pearl of the "Perlyna Karpat" hotel:

Our hotel and recreation complex is located in the village Slavske of the Skole district of the Lviv region (Ukraine). It is 125 km from the city of Lviv and 20 km from the Kyiv-Chop international road (the rally to the left after the city of Skole). Also you can get by rail - to Slavske station by any suburban or international train in the direction of Uzhgorod.

What kind of winter entertainment is in Slavske:

200 meters from the "Perlyna Karpat" there are 2 ski lifts in length of 600 m and 1000 m. In front of the hotel's Pogar mountains there are 2 ski lifts in length 700 and 1000 m. At a distance of 5 km from the hotel, Trostyan Mountain (1232 meters high) - seven ski lifts with trails of various levels of complexity, satisfying everyone - from amateurs to mountaineers (single chair extraction)

There are ski slopes in the Upper Upper Mountain where about 9,000 m of trails are laid out at 8 km from different levels of difficulty, with a chair lift for 2 people, three ski lifts and multi-lift for children and beginners.

What are the main features of our hotel:

  • Cozy rooms in the Carpathian style
  • Restaurant with Boyko delicacies
  • Great territory of the complex for walks
  • Pavilions with barbecue grills
  • Sauna, billiards, table tennis
  • Children's room and Carpathian lamb
  • 2 conference rooms for group visits

What are the differences of the resort compared to the famous Bukovel:

  • Much lower prices
  • Much calmer atmosphere
  • Much more modest infrastructure
  • Our main guests are people who need a cozy, inexpensive, and affordable vacation.

Is it possible to come to winter vacation with families with children:

Our hotel is the most enjoyable family with children, because this is the option when you can comfortably relax in a cozy location with all the conditions of a spacious hotel-recreation complex and an unforgettable ski resort

What is the cost of winter rest in the "Perlyna Karpat"?:

Depending on the type and number of people, including children, . Below are links to hotel rooms and rates. In New Year and Christmas time there are separate packages for the entire period of holiday with holiday programs.

We sincerely invite you to, perhaps, the best hotel and recreation complex of Slavskoi!

Photo of winter holiday:

The first building of the Pearl of the Perlyna Karpat
It is snowing
Junior suite is family friendly
Hotel restaurant
A table in the restaurant
Festive feast
A meal in a restaurant
Hall with a fireplace
Hall with billiards
Tennis table in the conference room
Children room
Shellfish in the territory
The territory of the complex
Territory of the complex overlooking the mountains
Territory of the complex overlooking the mountains
Snowy mountains
Ski lifts
Guests are skiing
New Year's fireworks